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Alan Thomas Chartered Surveyors
Architectural and Surveying in South Wales

Architectural Services

Are you planning to extend your home or build a new one? Or perhaps your business premises need development?

Whatever your architectural needs are our professional services will ensure that you get the best value for money without compromising on quality.

Through initial consultation we will develop your ideas and combine our architectural expertise to produce a feasible design. Using our innovation we ensure that designs are functional for the application and effectively blend the styling, environment and usage.

We will find the extra light and space you didn't know you had, suggest materials you hadn't thought of and make sure that you find the right builder at the right price.

Through our vast experience we also offer a 'trouble shooting' service to provide solutions to any problems that may arise.

Alan Thomas Architectural Services will guide you through the complex procedures of planning permission and building regulations. We can monitor the builder's programme of works through to completion if required.

Contact us for your free initial consultation.


Architectural Design and Plans

For new and existing building from the first FREE consultation meeting through to handing over on completion a full professional architectural service.

Our Clients' requirements are paramount. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality Architectural package regardless of size of project.

We want to hear your ideas and thoughts and we will then tailor them, within the constraints of the Local Authority Planning and Building Regulations, to deliver a finished product to meet your requirements.

From our experience and expertise we will advise on what is possible (or impossible!) so we end up with a scheme which is acceptable and pleasing.

Our projects range from small residential extensions, through barn conversions, new builds to industrial units. We will use this experience to promote your project.

Where necessary we advise on the appointment of other specialist construction professionals such as Structural Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Building Services Engineers, Energy Consultants, Bat Surveyors etc to ensure we meet our Client's requirements and our designs comply with current design regulations and good practice.



All new and improvement works will require planning advice.

Our 20 years of experience in the area enables us to give advice on planning prospects prior to incurring expense and contacting the Council.

We will undertake initial consultations (or pre-applications) with the Local Authority to check the viability of the scheme and to advise on the prospects of approval.

For some applications Consultants' advice will be required for example where projects involve site clearance Landscaping and Tree Specialist Reports may be required where building are to be renovated Bat Reports may be a requirement and most recently the requirement of a Pre-Assessment Energy Report to confirm the details to meet the Level 3 Coding.

We deal with your PLANNING APPLICATION and should the initial application not be approved we will advise on the resubmission and if appropriate the PLANNING APPEALS process.


Building Regulations

Building Regulations can affect projects however small and even where planning may not be required Building Regulations may be a requirement. Building design requirements are changing yearly, and it is essential to keep up with present standards.

The Local Authority (and increasingly Private Building Control Contractors) have a duty to ensure buildings are built and converted to basic health and safety, energy conservation, disables access and building standards.

We offer a full service to advise on the requirements, to incorporate them into your project to produce the necessary plans, detail and specification, to submit them to the Building Control Office and receive the approval.


Tendering and Contract Administration

At an early stage we recommend developing a schedule of works which will form the basis of your Tender process. We will be pleased to prepare the schedule and advise on quantities and costings. We will assess the specific needs of the clients and advise on procurement options, the types of Tender processes and the nature and suitability of various forms of construction contract. As Contract Administrators our duties include issuing all the necessary contract instructions/variations, appraisal of Contractors' valuations, approval of payments, and certification under the specific contract. We will also co-ordinate regular progress meetings and advise on programming issues.


Project Management and Coordination

From inspection to completion of the scheme, taking all the responsibility and worry off your shoulders.

We offer a project management or co-ordination service with the flexibility of tailoring our services to suit your needs. Our services are listed below:

  • Client consultation and instructions
  • Approved design
  • Input from Consultants (Structural, Energy and Ecological)
  • Co-ordination of design including planning and building regulations
  • Monitor process and report to client on progress and issues
  • Party Wall and CDM issues
  • Tender and contract process, issue contract
  • Supervise throughout the contract period
  • Co-ordinate process and ensure integration of design and construction issues
  • Deal with payments and adjustment to contract
  • Liaise with Clients and report on progress
  • Building Control coordination
  • Contract conclusion and summary
  • Monitor rectification of defects during defects liability period
  • Throughout keep client up-to-date with all project developments


Construction Supervision

It is a requirement of most lending sources that a new structure or in some cases alterations to a building require Surveyor Supervision.

The process involves the periodic inspections of the construction process to ensure it has been built in accordance with the Planning approval and in accordance with the Building Regulations.

Over the years Alan Thomas Chartered Surveyors have carried out hundreds of construction supervisions and on completion has produced Insurance backed certification confirming the suitability of construction to the satisfaction of the loaning source.


Party Wall Act

We advise Clients of the application of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to their project; including drawing up and serving notices to adjoining owners. In the event of a dispute arising, as defined by the legislation, we can act as Party Wall Surveyors for either the building owner or the adjoining owner and we will liaise with the other Party Wall Surveyor(s) to agree and serve a Party Wall Award under Section 10 of the Act.


Dilapidations/Condition Surveys

Schedules of Dilapidations can be prepared for Landlords to advise them on how their tenants are undertaking their repair obligations under their leases. We also prepare Schedules of Conditions for Landlords and Tenants at the commencement or conclusion of a lease or tenancy. This can be tailored to the individual's requirements and can incorporate plans and a photographic record.


CDM Co-ordinators

We are able to advise Clients and to refer them to suitably qualified specialists dealing with the application of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007 relating to their projects and advise them of their statutory duties. The CDM Consultant will liaise with the Clients and their design teams, appraise and advise on their obligations under the Regulations. Advice can be given on health and safety issues and prepare the Pre-Tender/Construction Health & Safety Information Pack and co-ordinate the preparation of the Health and Safety File.



In most contracts at some time friction between employer and employee can occur. In most cases the issues are resolved and it finishes there.

Occassionally the issues are not resolved and the difference can lead to a dispute and possibly court action, litigation and great expense.

None of us want this to happen so Alan Thomas offer a mediation service to analyse the situation and try to resolve the contentious issue.

Each issue is different and as a Chartered Surveyor I must ensure impartiality. In such matters instructions are ideally from both parties.


Bat Surveys

Bats are a European protected species and therefore where works may compromise the habitats of this species specialist advice must be sourced.

Alan Thomas Chartered Surveyors, although not licenced for carrying out bat surveys, are understanding of the issues and work with bat consultants. The Bat Surveyors approach each case on an individual basis and our consultants offer a tailored approach to ensure that development needs, as well as the legal requirements of UK planning applications, are met. Our Bat Consultants are highly experienced in carrying out scoping surveys, risk assessment and nocturnal bat survey projects.

Our specialists will carry out an initial bat risk assessment which aims to identify the likely risk of bats being present within the development site. This assessment may be enough to submit the bat survey report for planning permission if there is considered to be no risk to bats. If we assess that there is a moderate or high risk to bats then a further nocturnal bat survey may be required. Emergence bat surveys involve surveyors being present at dawn and/or dusk to watch for bats emerging from or to a development site.

If the surveyors identify a bat roost at this stage, then a licence will be required from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) in order for development work to be carried out. If this is the case then our bat surveyors have all the necessary expertise to write the application and offer advice on any necessary bat mitigation works.

Whilst an initial bat risk assessment survey can be carried out at any time of the year, a nocturnal bat survey needs to be carried out between May and September, so forward planning is important to minimise any potential delays.

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